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TAILS: Therapy Animals Involved in Literacy Skills. TAILS is a free, motivational, confidence building, low stress canine-assisted reading program for children who are experiencing difficulties with reading.

Registration begins Monday January 2. There is limited space available. Sessions will run for 10 weeks, every Tuesday from January 15 to March 19. Sessions will be 20 minute time slot between 4:00-5:00 pm.

This program provided by the partnership with St. John Ambulance’s Animal Therapy Service Volunteers.

Contact Madison Redekopp - 204-326-6841

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Venue Information - Jake Epp Library

The goal of Jake Epp Library is to make a wide variety of print, audio, and visual materials available to as many community residents as possible to promote individual life-long learning.  Within the limits of its budget and the criteria contained in this policy, the library will do its best to meet the educational, entertainment and informational needs of its patrons and to provide convenient hours and appropriate library services for all community residents.

The freedom to read is essential to a democratic society.  Jake Epp Library acts as a guardian of this freedom.  As such, it will resist efforts by individuals or groups, no matter how well meaning, who seek to impose their own standards and tastes on the selection of materials for its collection.  The fact that children have access to all library resources will not in any way restrict the selection process.  Responsibility for what children read rests with their parents and guardians.

Jake Epp Library also has a responsibility to protect and enhance intellectual freedom.  It will do this by making it possible for readers to choose from materials which represent the widest diversity of thought and expression, including ideas which may be considered unpopular or unorthodox.  It should be clearly understood that the library does not necessarily endorse the points of view taken by all the material it makes available to the public.

Jake Epp Library endeavours to be a safe community space. We provide meeting space for rent and can provide minimal fees for local non-profit groups.



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