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Zumba with Rox (By Donation)

ManitobaSteinbach 221 Main Street, Steinbach Connections Yoga and Cycle Studio
19 Jan. 2019
11:00 AM
1093 Day(s) Ago

Event Description

Zumba is a high-energy aerobic workout which targets lots of different muscle groups at once.

Not only is it great for your heart health and toning, it's also FUN!

Zumba with Rox - As a child the only physical activity Roxy truly enjoyed was dance. For her, Zumba is a celebration of what your body CAN do. There is no dance skill required. It is about moving your body and connecting with your body. Her Zumba classes are 100% inclusive zones, all bodies are welcome. "If you have a body, you''re in my club! I hope you will come dance with me!"

Roxy is newly certified and this event is an opportunity for her to share Zumba with our studio community and practice teach in a supportive environment. All funds raised will go towards Kismet Creek Farm. Please come with an open mind and plan to have some fun while giving back to our local community.

* Space is limited to 12 students. Please register online and don't be afraid to use the Waitlist!
* Class is donation based. Minimum suggested donation is $10 CASH.
* Wear clothing that's easy to move in and bring SHOES that support stepping from side to side and pivoting. Water is also recommended!
* This special charity class is not included in our One Month Intro offer or our membership Tiers.

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Yoga Connections has grown to become Connections Yoga and Cycle Studio. Now at 221 Main Street, Steinbach we are your wellness community.
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