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Coping With Change

ManitobaSteinbach 101 North Front Drive, Steinbach Steinbach Family Resource Centre
29 Jun. 2022
10:30 AM

Event Description

A series of 5 sessions once a week. Many women anticipate feelings of happiness with the birth of their baby. New mothers are often surprised by other feelings such as fatigue, sadness, anger, inadequacy, fear or anxiety. It is normal to go through an adjustment period following childbirth – all new mothers experience an adjustment in their own way.

The Coping with Change series helps mothers work through the emotional and lifestyle changes that occur after the birth of a baby. Participants learn how to cope with adjustments and recognize if more support is needed.

Contact us to inquire about the next session.

Childcare is provided.


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Steinbach Family Resource Centre is dedicated to serving expectant parents and all families with children in the community and surrounding areas.

Our mission is to help families find support and a connection to our community.



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